Allens Creek Baptist Church in Waynesville, NC

History of Allens Creek Baptist Church

Between 1875 and 1885, the First Baptist Church of Waynesville was the "Mother Church" to three congregations. On June 30, 1883, a group of seventeen was dismissed to establish the Allens Creek Baptist Church. Their history reads, "These met in the Liberty Schoolhouse where Waynesville pastors had frequently held revival meetings."

On August 12, 1883, the Allens Creek Baptist Church was organized as the Liberty Baptist Church. The church's first pastor was Ephraim Norris. By 1886, they had changed its name to "Allens Baptist Church." This name was used by the church until 1899, when the church's name became, "Allens Creek Baptist Church."

The church, upon its organizations, immediately joined the fellowship of the Tuckaseigee Baptist Association meeting in Macon County. On September 23-26, 1886, fourteen churches met at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church (Clyde, First) and organized the Haywood Baptist Association. Allens Creek was one of these churches. By this time, its membership had increased to 45 members.

The church also became a member of the Western North Carolina Baptist Convention.

From its beginning, the Allens Creek Church built an orderly fellowship. They established rules of Decorum and a Church Covenant. The rules of Decorum were:

1.) Members shall not absent themselves in time of business without leave from the moderator.
2.) We admit no other title than "Brother" when engaged in business.
3.) Resolved that the members of this church neither make, buy, use, nor sell any spirituous liquors as a beverage.

The church has grown in these one hundred thirteen years from a membership of seventeen to more than eleven hundred members. In addition to its membership with the Haywood Baptist Association, the church is a member of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.


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